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How much does it cost to clean my windows?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Residential Window Cleaning services

Are you thinking about hiring a window cleaning service, but aren't sure if you can afford it?

Let's be real, you have windows so that you can look outside and see the beautiful views of your neighborhood, but when your windows get dirty it ruins not only your view, but also the aesthetics of your beautiful house. That's when you know it is time to get your windows cleaned

Not very many people like washing windows. Additionally, if your house is two stories or has windows that are difficult to reach, cleaning your own windows can be dangerous. That is why we recommend hiring a professional window cleaner.

The reality is that the cost of hiring a professional window cleaner varies. There are a lot of variables that determine the cost of cleaning your windows.

Cost by the pane

Without seeing your house in person or being given a detailed description, it is hard to ballpark the cost of cleaning your windows. However, window cleaning is usually priced by the pane. Your average double hung residential window will consist of two panes. Therefore, a house that has many windows or windows with multiple panes will cost more to clean than a house with few windows or less panes.

Generally we recommend getting your windows cleaned twice a year, but that can change too. If your house is close to a freeway, near an ocean, or exposed to frequent bad weather, you will need to have it serviced more often.

Trying to figure out how much a window cleaning will cost.

The easiest way to figure out how much window cleaning service will cost is to get a quote or to contact us by phone

Some companies may give you a rough cost on their website, but often that estimate may change on the day of service. While you may think that window cleaning is a fairly easy job, there are a number of factors that can affect the final price of your service.

  • How clean or dirty are your windows? This may play a big factor in what equipment is needed or how much time it will take to complete the job.

  • How many windows — Simply said, the more windows you need cleaned the longer it will take and subsequently the cost will increase.

  • Types of windows — Are your windows large, small, double hung, multi-pane, or French windows? This all gets calculated into your estimate.

  • Accessibility — Is your house single story or double story. Are the windows easy to get to or are they difficult to access. All of this will play a factor in the equipment needed and the overall time it will take to complete the job.

  • Interior, exterior or both? Although selecting jus the inside or just the outside may save you a little money on the first service, generally the best price in the end is going to be to have both done at the same time.

Think about additional services you may want

There are some additional services you may want to think about before you decide to get your windows cleaned. Some of these services include:

  • Paint Removal- this can get expensive depending on the amount of paint that needs to be removed. The price will differ quite a bit depending on the size of the job

  • Mineral Deposit Removal- If you have a sprinkler that regularly hits one of your windows, you may wish to have the "water spots" removed. This takes special cleaners and equipment and will also add to the cost of your service

  • Track Cleaning- some people prefer to clean out their tracks before they have their windows cleaned. Others prefer to have it done for them. If you want your tracks cleaned, make sure that this is part of the estimate you receive.

  • Screen Cleaning- If you have exterior screens, most customers ask that we clean their screens as part of the service, but this does add some additional cost.

What is the average cost?

For the average house that we service in our local area (Upland, California), the cost is typically between $200 and $250, but as we pointed out every house is unique and every quote is slightly different depending on the services you request.

Final Tip

Before you select a window cleaning service, make sure that you read reviews and research the business that you are inviting into your house. You want to make sure that you are dealing with professional that has the right equipment, supplies and (most important) insurance to keep you and your family safe. Because window cleaning is inherently risky, you should always have every window cleaning company supply you with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance showing that they carry Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability insurance. You can see some of our reviews on the following platforms:

Having said that, with the above information you can begin to estimate what it may cost to get your windows cleaned, but we recommend that you visit our website and request a professional estimate.

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