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DIY Removing Fake Snow From Your Windows.

The year 2020 has been unusual in many ways. With many businesses shut down or open with limited capacity we have noticed that many of our customers seem to "need a little Christmas" in their lives. Even before thanksgiving we started to see many Holiday decorations start to appear on houses around the area.

Christmas Lights on a building

In Southern California (unless you live in the mountains), it is very unlikely that you will ever see a White Christmas at your house, but that doesn't mean that you can't make your own snow appear on your windows.

Flocking (Artificial Snow) is often sprayed on trees and windows during the holidays to give that "White Christmas" look. Some types of artificial snow (especially those types made our of cellulose) can be very easy to remove, but some types of paint and other items used to make the windows look special for the holidays can very more difficult to remove.

If you are having trouble removing your "holiday cheer" from your windows, you can always contact us and we are happy to give you a little help, but if you want to tackle this project yourself, here is what we recommend your try.

First, there are a few household items you will need to get started.

  1. ShopVac

  2. Broom

  3. Sponge

  4. Paper towels

  5. Towels

  6. Window Cleaner

  7. Dawn Dish Soap

Start by taking your broom and gently brush the fake snow debris off your window.

Once you have brushed all of the snow debris from your window, take your vacuum and suck up the debris that has fallen on the window sill or on the ground.

Next make make about a gallon of warm water mixed with Dawn Dish Soap (be careful not to make it too warm, you don't want to burn your hand). Lay some towels below the window that you are going to clean to avoid a big, wet mess. Take your sponge and soak it in the soapy water. Using a circular motion and moderate pressure (not too much we don't want to cause any damage to the window) rub over the window. Repeat this process until all of the decorations are removed.

Once you have removed all of decorations from the window, give the glass a chance to dry. Then, using your Window Cleaner and Paper Towels, go back and give the windows one last clean to make sure they are streak free and spotless.

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