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Pressure Washing Near Rancho Cucamonga

Commercial Pressure Washing

Sunshine Windows has been providing pressure washing (sometimes called power washing) services to Southern California since 1978. There are very few companies in the Rancho Cucamonga area that can say they have been around that long. With over 45 years of experience our staff knows what it takes to make your property look great.

Pressure Washing Equipment

Is there a difference between the type of equipment that we use compared to what you can get at Lowes or Home Depot? The quick answer is yes. Our staff uses an industrial pressure washing machine that is going to provide much different results that something you might be able to buy at your local hardware store. Our pressure washers, made by Hydrotek, are made for commercial application.

Pressure Washing Sidewalks and Concrete

Concrete and Sidewalk Cleaning

Pressure washing can be a great way to get your sidewalks and walkways clean. Over time, sidewalks can start to look dirty from spills, traffic, runoff, and other environmental stains. We have specially designed equipment to remove dirt, gum, and spills from your sidewalks, walkways, and other concrete structures.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Building Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your commercial building can be one of the fastest ways to get it looking great again. Over time, dirt and grime start to build up on the outside of buildings.

As you can see in the picture to the left, this building was built about 10 years prior to this pressure wash service. Dirt from winds, construction, and local traffic had built up over time. However, a quick pressure washing left it looking like new again. Originally the owners thought they needed an entire paint job, but instead they were able to get it looking close to new with a simple pressure washing service.

Pressure Washing Safety

While pressure washers are great tools for getting your facilities looking good, they are also a somewhat dangerous tool. In the hands of someone who is untrained, they can easily cause damage to property, or (even worse) they can cause injury to the person using it. Sunshine Windows is a proud member of the Power Washers of North America. Our team has undergone extensive training on the correct use of power washing systems, but and generally pressure washing safety.


When you are looking for someone to pressure wash your property, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that they hold the proper insurance to make sure that you (and your property) are covered in the unfortunate case of an accident.

General Liability insurance is probably the first thing people think of when they ask if a company is insured, but it might now be the most important question to ask. An injury to a worker on your property could be much more costly is it were to occur. The first question you want to ask any company you are about to do business with is if they carry Worker's Compensation Insurance. This is the insurance that would protect you most in the event that a worker was injured on your property. The state of California requires this insurance for any company with employees, but that policy might not extend to sub-contracted workers, and if the company you choose has no employees (owner/operator), they simply may not have any coverage. It is important that you obtain a certificate of insurance from the company that you hire so that they can prove that they have all of the correct instrument in place to make sure that you and your business are covered in the case of an accidental loss.

Commercial Power Washer

In Conclusion

Pressure washing or power washing is a fantastic was to help keep your commercial or residential property looking it's best. Sunshine Windows has been serving our local community since 1978 and you can see a little more about our services on our website. You can call our customer experience desk at 909-981-7406 to book an appointment for a free estimate, or you can fill out our request form that is located on our website.

Our offices are usually open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm. We can answer most questions that you may have and we can usually schedule you an in person consultation within 24-48 hours. We are happy to work with Residential Property Owners, Commercial Property Owners, Management Companies, and Real Estate Agents. Customer experience is our top priority. Our Customer Reviews speak for themselves.


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