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How do you clean rain gutters


There are a lot of different tools and equipment made for cleaning roofs and rain gutters, but what we have found after cleaning hundreds of miles of rain gutters is that the best method is the old fashion way of doing it by hand. 


Typically,  we will first go through and clear out all of the debris.  Next we will flush out the downspouts, and last we will go down below and pick up any mess that may have fallen on the ground while we were working up above.   

Why customers choose Sunshine Windows

Gutter Cleaning Service

Rain Gutters can quickly accumulate leaves, dirt and other debris that clogs them up and makes them useless when you need them the most.  All houses are different and frequency changes based on a lot of factors, but for most houses, it is important to get your gutters cleaned 1-2 times per year. 

Even if you have installed equipment designed to reduce debris in your gutters, they can still get clogged.  Regular gutter cleaning is important because clogged rain gutters can actually do damage to your home.  

Gutter Cleaning Sunshine Windows

Roof Cleaning

Often times debris that has accumulated on your roof will eventually make it's way into your gutters.  If you have trees near your house, it is important to have your roof cleaned on a regular basis.  Often times we will combine roof cleaning with gutter cleaning for our clients into one visit.  

Some insurance companies will do drive-by inspections of houses and will note if your roof has a large accumulation of debris.  Often times, they will ask the home owner to address the problem (within a specific amount of time) or run the risk of being dropped from their policy.  

Sunshine Windows has over 45 years experience providing gutter cleaning and roof cleaning services.   We can provide one-off service or help you schedule recurring service for your property. 

Roof Cleaning Sunshine Windows


Possibly the most important factor in choosing a pressure washing service is knowing that they have all of the correct instruments in place to protect you and your home.  

 All employees are fully covered by Worker's Compensation, General Liability and Auto Insurance.  Certificates of Insurance area always provided quickly upon request.  


We work with each client to set up a customized maintenance schedule for their house.  Our staff works with you schedule appointments up to 12 months in advance, and our customer management system provides reminders via e-mail and text message so that you always know when we are scheduled to show up.  Additionally clients can always see upcoming appointments and past invoices through our Customer Portal.  


Sunshine Windows has a diversified list of clients that includes colleges / universities, public school district, hospitals,  municipalities, commercial property owners, and commercial management companies.  With over 40 years of experience, no job is too big or too small for our team.    


Our commitment to customer experience is proven by our long standing relationships with our clients.     See what our customers are saying!

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